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I’ve bought about a dozen cars over the years, half new and

half uses and always have that nervous panic feeling that

you’re getting suckered or swindled or scammed or pressured

into buying extras you don’t need. [ALL ABOUT AUTOS] got

rid of all of that and instead allowed for the joy of car shopping and buying to return. And it saved me a lot of money. I can’t tell you how great Andree is, except I just did. Seriously, she will save you money, save you time, save you hassle – and she gets paid by the dealer, not you. It’s truly a great service and so rare to find small business folks that are so on top of their game.    Darryl

Andree set the whole thing up for us – specifically, she told us the person we’d be meeting, the exact price we’d be paying, that no [nonsense] would occur and that if we didn’t want the vehicle walk out. What happened next was amazing. Instead of the usual sleazy feeling you get walking into a car dealership and starting the negotiation process before you’ve even had a chance to try the vehicle, we were met by a friendly happy guy who had the keys dangling in his hand, took us out to the truck and we drove it, talked about a couple things that needed fixing, and he just said “okay, I’ll fix that [at no additional cost] and if you have a drink of water or coffee for a few minutes, I’ll just finish the paperwork”. Five minutes passes at most and we walked into his office, signed the documents and walked out the door with the new truck, which ended up being awesome and exactly what I was seeking. Zero hassle, amazing service, Andree got paid by the dealer and we got the vehicle at a heavy discount off the asking price.    The Joannides

Thank you Andree for all your hard work in helping me to find a great van and also for the excellent follow up!     Paul J.